There has been talk for many years of Tesla coming to South Africa but it seems like that date is fast approaching.


Electric Cars posted on Twitter that they had reliable information the Tesla was sending Electric Vehicles to South Africa in the second half of 2021 for testing purposes.

Tesla did make the Model 3 available for pre order to South Africa but has since discontinued this offer however there were a number of South Africa’s that pre ordered the Tesla Model 3.

Could this be Tesla delivering the Model 3 to those customers or is Tesla finally ready to officially launch in South Africa?

Another point of interest is that on Tesla’s Careers website there are options to select South Africa as a country, the only country in Africa. While no positions were available under South Africa there was a position listed under Amsterdam that would be based in South Africa.

What are your thoughts? Is Tesla finally coming to South Africa? Are you waiting to purchase a Tesla in South Africa?

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Mark Savage · June 17, 2021 at 9:38 pm

I was one of the people that made a pre order for the Model 3 , but cancelled this a few months ago and got a refund , as tesla could not give a estimated date of launch. Was very disappointed.

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