Electric Vehicles are not as popular in South Africa as they are in many first would countries and there is good reason for this.


While most people think the issue is that we don’t have enough charging stations across the country. This is has changed in 2020 with companies like Jaguar assisting in installing charging stations across the country. It there is an electric charging station every 200Km along the N2 and N3 in South Africa.

However the real problem is the import duties on electric vehicles. Traditional petrol and diesel vehicles (18%) have lower import duties compared to the 25% on electric vehicles. Changing this tariff has been tabled before government for many years but still has not been changed, while many contras around the world provide incentives to buy electric vehicles.

But that is all about to change….

Mazibuko Motor Company founded in 2020 has been working behind closed doors on the development of South Africa’s first electric vehicle.

We are seeing the world shift into clean smart mobility, and internal combustion engines getting phased out by battery electric vehicles that are powerful, smart, and overall better than anything out there.

Nhlanhla Mazibuko

Founder Nhlanhla Mazibuko out of frustration of waiting and seeing South Africa get left behind in the EV race decided to act and the M1B electric pick-up was born.

The M1B is a dual-motor all-wheel-drive battery-electric pick-up. More details and specs about the vehicles will be announced at the E-Mobility Congress of South Africa on March 2nd, 2021. 

The introduction of Mazibuko Motors will go along way in changing the landscape of electric vehicles in South Africa and will hopefully inspire the likes of Tesla and Lucid to bring manufacturing to South Africa.

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Johan Steyn · March 17, 2021 at 9:10 pm

Will buy an ev bakkie.

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