Besen Portable Electric Vehicle Charger | 16 Amps | 3.7 kW


The BESEN Electric Vehicle can charge your EV with a standard 220v household plug safely. The intensity load limited to 16A, which prevents overheating. There is no button. Simply connect the drive side (type 2) and side household outlet, and charging starts automatically.


16 Amps, 3.7 kW portable EV charger.
Adjustable current 10 or 16 Amps.
IP65 weatherproof (box).

  • Level 1 portable EV charger.
  • Overload and fault protection according to IEC 61851 EV charging standard.
  • Faster than the typical 10 or 12 Amp portable charger supplied with an EV.
  • Plugs into standard 3-pin domestic socket so you can charge anywhere.
  • LCD display of current (A), energy (kWh) and temperature
  • 6 metre charging cable with Type 2 EV plug.
  • Adjustable current rate : 10 or 16 Amps.
  • IP65 weatherproof (box).
  • 12 month warranty.


Besen Portable EV Charger | 16 Amps | 3.7 kW

Rating 16 Amps, 3.7 kW
Adjustable Current 10 or 16 Amps
Vehicle Plug Type 2
Power Plug Moulded 3-pin
Total cable length 5 m
Ingress Protection IP 65 (Housing)
Voltage 230 to 250 V AC
Temperature -25° to +55°
Dimensions 190 x 75 x 50 mm (housing)
Standards IEC 61851


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