If you have a Vitality Money status through Discovery Bank and you are the primary cardholder of a qualifying Discovery Bank account with a Discovery savings balance, you can get rewarded for achieving your money goal. This means that you get rewarded for responsible spending – using your Discovery Bank card to swipe, tap or pay online for your purchases, without building up expensive debt or withdrawing from your savings. The Transaction 1+ account, Discovery 1 account and the Discovery 1+ account qualify for Vitality Active Reward money goal.

Vitality Money

Discovery Bank clients have access to Vitality Active Rewards through Vitality Money. Download the Discovery Bank app and the Discovery app on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Vitality Active Rewards will set you a money goal based on a personalised Discovery savings balance and your qualifying Discovery Bank card. To achieve your money goal, use your Discovery Bank card to swipe, tap or pay online for your purchases. You must maintain your Discovery Bank savings balance above a minimum level to qualify for your rewards. If your savings balance drops below the minimum level, your money goal will reset.

Transactions may take a few days to reflect towards your money goal. The table below shows you the values of your purchases and how they accumulate towards your money goal.

Your transaction amountYour money goal progress
< R200
R20 – R490.5
R50 – R4991
R500 – 2 4992
R2 500 or more3

Your goal cycle is from midnight on Friday until midnight on the following Friday. Your progress towards your goal will be carried over to the next goal week if you hadn’t achievedyour goal before the end of the goal cycle. If you achieve your money goal before the end of the goal cycle, your transactions after achieving your goal will carry over to the next goal week up to a maximum of double your money goal.


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