1) Create alphanumeric and longer Passcode.

a. Go to Settings >>General >> Passcode Lock.
b. Unselect the option saying “Simple Passcode.”
c. As you turn-off the option a window will pop-up asking to change the change the password and will be a full QWERTY keyboard instead of number pad only. Now on whenever you will be asked

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to enter the passcode a full keyboard will appear not a number pad only.

2) Make SIRI read out loud your Emails

You didn’t knew? If you ask Siri to read out your Emails(“Read my email”), she will oblige and read out loud. First she will say sender’s name and date-time of email and then the subject.

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You can also ask her to “read my latest email” or say, “Do I have email from [person name]?”

3) See what time a message was sent

Many of us has not noticed yet that you can see when were your iMessages sent to the friends. While researching for the solution it turns out to be a stupidly simple way to do that. Timestamps of your messages can be seen by touching and dragging the text towards left(in iOS).

4) See which planes are going overhead

Now this is a very cool trick for iPhone. Ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or you can say, “Planes overhead,” and Siri will pull up a list with each plane’s flight number, its altitude, and angle of flight. It may take some time for data list to appear.

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5) Undo or Redo typing

If you want to delete the text, you just tapped in. Just Shake your iPhone. This will pop-up a box saying “Undo Typing”. But if you again change your mind and want the same text message back then shake the phone again and a box will appear asking whether to “Redo Typing” or cancel.

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6) Easy way to see a detailed view of your calendar

There is a very simple way to see d

atewise details of schedule on your calendar. To do this just tilt your handset horizontal after opening the calendar app.

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7) Turning-on Caps Lock by tapping the Shift key

This is also a simple trick, some of us might be knowing it already, but for them who missed. To turn-on the Caps Lock key you can just double tap the shift key and now type whatever you want to.

8) Use your iPhone as a leveling device to hang pictures and much more

This is also a cool feature and can be accessed by swiping left in Compass app.

9) Turn-off all irritating in-app purchases using single button

Everyone of us irritated with all in-app-purchases. We found out a way to get rid of these in-app purchases. Go to Settings >>General >> select Restrictions. Enable Restrictions in all apps while scrolling down.

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10) Turn on burst mode while capturing images

To activate Burst Mode just hold down the shutter button in camera and Burst mode will activate automatically. Your iPhone will snap as many pictures as you want in a rapid succession and save them in gallery. Now you can use them to create gif file or slow-motion videos through appropriate apps.

11) Type an Em-Dash(-)

For getting access to cool dashes menu just hold down the dash button in your keypad, now you can use them to send nice grammatical sticklers.


12) Take a photo using the volume button

Sometimes its difficult to capture selfie using the touch circle button at front panel. But here is an alternative to it. You can use volume-up key to capture selfie. Volume key lets you capture selfies more steadily and sharp.

13) Take a photo using earbuds

To capture images using earbuds, press the center of the headphone button while in camera app to snap a picture with main camera or selfies camera.

14) Charger your iPhone faster

You can put your iPhone in Airplane mode to charge it twice faster. This method is very useful during travel over plane or at a bar.

15) You Can Control Your iPhone With Head Gesture Only -Isn’t it Amazing:

Yes that’s true! If you have missed to notice this feature inside your newly purchased iPhone, its fine as Apple doesn’t make every feature easily accessible.


Of course Siri has changed the way you access your smartphone. But there have been a lot of features remained unexplored and we are still digging into it.


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